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[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)

[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
[비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)
Load image into Gallery viewer, [비활성화] KUS MASK (KF94)

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Special features of KUS Mask

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MD’s Comment

KUS mask product has long been Korea’s favorite from sales on TV home-shopping. Our sold-out records prove the popularity of our product.

KF94 provides extremely high protection as it perfectly wraps around the face. It may cause slight difficulty in breathing due to its high filtration efficiency; however, it is our recommended, must-have product if you are looking for effective, quality-guaranteed protective mask for your family and loved ones.

For your safety and well-being, MIK SHOP proudly introduces selections of KF94 protective products.

Product Features

KUS KF94 mask has passed skin-sensitivity tests to minimize skin-irritation for our customers even after long daily wear.

MIK SHOP only uses materials manufactured and produced in South Korea to ensure high quality product.

Who should wear this mask?

Someone who needs extra protection to fully cover the face, including cheeks, nose and mouth.

Someone who wants to protect and safeguard one’s family and close friends against COVID-19.

Someone who spends much time in public or crowded places.

Tips for choosing this mask

Generally recommended for L-size users and adults.

Export of KF94 mask requires several steps of reporting to Korea’s agencies, which will add extra 2-3 business days in international shipping compared to Nanofiber mask.

Mask Size Chart

Width: 20.5cm (8.07inch) / Length: 8cm (3.15inch)



- KF 94 certified (100% Genuinely made in Korea)

- South Korea’s MFDS certified, KUS mask filters out over 94% of 0.4㎛ fine micro-dust.

- 4 hyper-purifying filter structure enables effective filtration of fine micro-dust and noxious airborne particles to protect our respiratory system.

- Irritation-free, skin-safe tested quality fabric to protect your skin.

- 3D facial structure to create the most optimal fit for daily wear

* Nose-wire – firm nose support for stability

* 3D facial shape – prevents the lip from being in direct contact with the mask

* Ear-band – elastic, soft ear-band to reduce pain even after long-term wear

 [How to wear]

  1. Pull the mask out from the package and check to see if the fabric is clean and uncontaminated.
  2. Press the nose-clip to your nose and cover the mouth to the chin.
  3. Hook the ear-bands to both side of your ears to hold it in place
  4. Gently press the mask to adjust the fit to your face


  1. Avoid using in areas with oxygen less than 18%
  2. Do NOT cover or put anything inside the mask such as tissues and/or handkerchief
  3. Always check to make sure the inner part of the mask is clean. Do not use if contaminated
  4. Do not alter the shape of the mask.
  5. We do NOT recommend washing the mask with water and detergent.
  6. Stop and immediately consult a doctor if you experience any problems while using the mask, especially if you are pregnant, children, elderly, and/or have respiratory illness.
  1. If the filter is contaminated, discard and get a new one.


1. KF94 Certified by the Korea's MFDS

2. Skin irritation test completed




** please be aware that KF masks undergo thorough export verification process before release. This usually takes about extra 3 days compared to non-KF masks.

MIK SHOP is doing its best to deliver orders as quickly as possible so that customers all over the world can rest with fresh air anytime, anywhere and enjoy a healthier life.

How can I get the product delivered?
We are shipping the product safely to customers all over the world using our shipping partner DHL.

When will the ordered product be shipped?
Products that have been paid by 9am on weekdays in Korea time will be shipped the same day. However, since there are many orders recently, it may take 1~3 more days to ship the product depending on the situation.

Can I pick up the product myself?
For security and other additional reasons, we do not provide direct product pick-up or locker service.
Please note that it is also not possible to change the shipping address after shipment.

Am I able to track my order?
Yes. When we dispatch your order for delivery you will receive a unique tracking number by email and text message. Once in receipt of this tracking number you can check the current status of your shipment.

Can I exchange my order?
If you would like to exchange one item for another, you must first return the original item and then place a new order. You will be refunded for the original item in accordance with our usual returns policy.

How do I return an item?
You have up to 7 days to request an item return.
For full details on the returns process, see our Returns page.

In what packaging will my goods be delivered?
All products are securely packed and shipped in boxes to prevent damage during shipment. However, some products are packaged and delivered without small box to reduce the volume of delivery. If there are many products you ordered, they can be delivered in several boxes.

Do I have to pay duty and import charges?
All orders shipped from the MIK SHOP are shipped on a DDU (delivery duty unpaid) basis and all prices on the website are not include the relevant import taxes and duties. If the value of an individual item or the total order exceeds the customs standards of the country, this may delay your delivery time as goods held at customs will be your responsibility to pay the necessary charges for local authorities to release the goods.

Why are shipping restrictions applied to some regions?
Due to international trading agreements and regulations, MIK SHOP must adhere to some specific shipping restrictions.
Currently, there is a limitation on the delivery due to COVID-19, and we will expand the delivery area according to the relevant instructions.

Can deliveries be contact free?
Yes contact-free delivery is available to request from your courier upon delivery.


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